Copenhagen Amber


Copenhagen Amber is located in Copenhagen, as a part of our shop in Kompagnistræde. We offer a fine selection of pendants, bracelets, neckpieces, earrings and rings at very competitive prices. All our amber jewellery is made from genuine Baltic amber and every piece is unique in colour, form and lustre.

Our jewellery is created by Scandinavian designers in classical as well as modern design. Our gold and silver is nickel free and appraised on a regular basis by FORCE Technology, the Danish government agency for assaying purity standards.


Copenhagen Amber is part of Creol, a family run jewellery business in the middle of the city. Creol opened in 1986 and we design and produce handmade silver jewellery of high quality.

We are located at Kompagnistræde that is known for its many quaint shops with exquisite design and handmade crafts. The guidebook Lonely Planet characterizes Kompagnistræde as ‘perhaps the most beautiful shopping street in the city’. It is close to City Hall and runs parallel to Strøget.


Amber fascination

The golden tears of the Viking goddess Freya, the soul of the courageous tiger, the sacred symbol of the sun. Since the dawn of men, amber has fascinated peoples all over the world. Looking into a fine piece of amber is mesmerising and hypnotizing like looking into a fire. The amber that is found in the Northern part of Europe is the finest in the world. Amber is fossilized resin and the Baltic variety dates back more than 30 million years and is superior to other forms of amber because it contains a very high percentage of succinic acid.

All along the Nordic coasts, you may find smaller or greater deposits of amber and the extensive shoreline has been aptly named the AmberCoast.







在哥本哈根琥珀,我们以极具竞争力的价格提供多款精美的吊坠、手镯、项链、耳环和戒指。我们的每一件琥珀首饰均由纯正波罗的海琥珀制成,每件首饰的颜色,形状和光泽都独一无二。我们的首饰由斯堪的纳维亚设计师设计,风格既古典又现代。我们使用的黄金和白银不含镍,而且丹麦政府的纯度标准测定机构FORCE Technology会定期进行检测。


我们位于Kompagnistræde大街, 这里有为数众多的古色古香商店,它们因出售设计精美,手工制作的工艺品而闻名。旅行指南《孤独星球》说这里“也许是城中最美丽的购物街”。大街临近市政厅,与Strøget平行。

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